Sanskrit Belgium offers Veda recitation classes and workshops in Brussels. The chanting of the Vedas is a meditative first step towards understanding this sacred literature. Handed down through śruti parampara or oral tradition over centuries, strict rules of recitation are observed, requiring your complete attention and concentration during the practice. These Vedic hymns were revealed to the great sages of ancient India, in deep meditative states and are mystical poetry that hold secrets which through recitation, study and meditation will reveal themselves. These classes help aspirants understand the deeper meaning of the Vedas and their relevance in our daily modern lives.



Shantala Sriramaiah



Classes are taught by Shantala Sriramaiah, born and raised in Bangalore, India. She studied Sanskrit and chanting from an early age, as part of her family tradition as well as in school. Much of her inspiration comes from her mother Saroja, who taught chanting classes in their family home for over 30 years. She continues studies with vidvān Sreenivasan of the Challakere Brothers, who lays great emphasis on the subtle rules of Vedic phonetics. Shantala is also a student of Radha Sundararajan, former head of the Vedic chanting in KYM.



vidvān Sreenivasan of the Challakere Brothers



With Radha Sundararajan



Shantala aspires to continue her family tradition while making this practice accessible to an international audience.



Devi chanting in our family home in Bangalore, India.


In loving memory of my mother Saroja.