Sanskrit chanting is a great way to learn the correct sounds of this divine language and form the very basis of studies in Sanskrit Belgium. Classes are taught using Shruti Parampara the traditional method of repeating after the teacher, integrating correct pronunciation practice with the authentic and sometimes strict rhythm of important texts such as Ganesha Mantras, Lalitha Sahasranama, Vishnu Sahasranama, Yoga Sutras, Shanti Mantras, Bhagavad Gita and Vedic texts.

These classes do not require any previous Sanskrit or chanting experience.

Classes to learn the alphabet, script and grammar with the intention of deepening the chanting practice or understanding important texts better will also be scheduled for participants who have an existing chanting practice and some basic Sanskrit knowledge.

Sanskrit and English transliterated texts will be provided for all classes.

Some examples of class contents:

Ganesha Mantras
These devotional verses honoring the elephant headed God of beginnings, are known to avert troubles and obstacles.

Yoga Sutras
The yoga sutras of Patanjali are 196 aphorisms that constitute the foundational text of yoga.

Lalitha Sahasranama
Lalitha is the Supreme Shakti. Chanting the one thousand names for Lalitha, describing her beauty, power and grace is a wonderful group experience.

Aditya Hrudayam
From the great epic Ramayana, this is a collection of 31 verses of great significance to the yoga student. Literally, this is the Heart of Aditya – The Sun God.

Shanti Mantras
The repetition of Shanti (Peace) Mantras produces a calm and serene environment, usually chanted at the end of ceremonies.